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We never could have imagined a global pandemic would be right around the corner when we left home in October 2019 .  While it’s been weird and changed our travel plans (along with the rest of the world) we have been very fortunate to be on our boat. We were “stuck” in the United States Virgin Islands and had the ability to anchor in different areas of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. We had warranty work completed on our boat for several weeks which was a major blessing.We met new boat friends (Twin Flame, KoKoMo, and Aboat Time). We were able to grocery shop, get to-go food orders and continue our amazing boat life of snorkeling, cliff jumping, scuba diving, hiking, wake boarding, skim boarding, etc. We have absolutely zero complaints! (well other than the “no mask, no service” policy which I abhor but follow – I have broken out in a weird heat rash all around my nose and mouth) We even had company visit us during this uncertain time!

People often ask what it is like living aboard a motor yacht. Well after seeing so many memes and updates about life back home, I’ve realized living on a boat has a lot of similarities to quarantined life! I made a list!
1. We are all together on the boat 24/7! (900 square feet!)
2. Homeschooling 3 kids (age 8,10,12) (welcome to the party mamas! 🥳😐)
3. I never know what day it is!
4. We cook a lot of meals & have lots of washing dishes too! And the kids help more than they did before.
5. Limited groceries (not because of hoarding but because grocery stores are different in the Caribbean- I’m never really sure what produce or meat will be available).
6. We have slowed down tremendously – no more running around like a wild banshee (errands, school, sports, etc).
7. Family time (puzzles, reading, cooking, swimming, etc).
8. Zoom and FaceTime are the way we visit family & friends.
9. My eyelash extensions, acrylic nails, biweekly pedicures, facials/massages, Botox, hair highlights, and makeup are LONG GONE! Interestingly, I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.
10. The sunrises, sunsets & stars are magnificent.
11. We can pray and trust God through any storm.
12. Life is better with limited distractions, less is more.
13. Really missing Mexican food!!
14. We attend church online!
15. I hope we never forget the lessons we’ve learned and the memories we’ve made during this time aboard Colette!

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