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Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night! Wherever you are in this big beautiful world, and whatever time it happens to be, thank you for taking a moment to read our blog and follow along on our adventure!

In this post, I want to take some time and introduce you to Colette, our home away from home, while we are making our way around the world on this epic journey of life, family, and love!

Colette is a Lagoon 630 motor yacht or catamaran. We did an extensive amount of research before deciding upon this particular craft. For a time, we seesawed back and forth between the Lagoon and a sailboat. We traveled down to the Miami International boat show in February of 2019 to get an up-close and personal look at these impressively big boats. We finally made the big decision, and the Lagoon won out for a few reasons. First, it’s just the right size for our family of five plus our Captain. Second, it’s modern with all the amenities of home, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, AND an AC! And third, it gives us a smoother ride than a sailboat, and a smooth ride makes for happy sailors!

As far as catamarans go, the Lagoon 630 is considered the big fish in the water! Colette measures 64 feet long and is about 33 feet wide. Inside, we have an interior space that measures approximately 900 square feet, and the aft deck is nearly 250 square feet. They say that the yacht can accommodate up to 12 people, so there is more than enough room for the Murphey Family and we welcome our friends and family to come join us anytime! There is room!

Many people ask us how we decided on the name “Colette.” Well, there’s a story, of course. And, in true Murphey Family fashion, it’s a pretty good story at that. You see, Brett has a bit of an obsession with the name “Colette.” He told me that the first time he heard it uttered was on stage at a viewing of Les Miserables on Broadway. From that moment on, he just knew he had to have a Colette is his life. I had no intentions whatever of changing my first name, so his best opportunity to bring Colette into the family was to give a child the name. That was the plan until Corbin came along. He didn’t look much like a Colette, so we had to put the naming ceremony on hold. With the purchase of the yacht came another perfect occasion. I was in complete agreement, especially when I learned that the meaning of “Colette” is “Victory.” I find that an ideal subtitle to what this adventure means to all of us. So, there you have it. The story behind the name. Oh, I almost forget the best part. After the boat was named and registered, we decided to watch Les Miserables to commemorate the moment. Guess what? There is no character by the name of “Colette.” The correct name is “Cosette.” Brett had it wrong all these years! It’s okay, though. We still have our Victory AND an outstanding story to tell!

Brett took this great drone pic of Colette outside of Vigo, Spain!

Our best to you all! Love & Hugs!

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