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It is a universal truth that no one enjoys being sick. Even more of a universal truth is that no one enjoys being sick while traveling. Everyone hates it! Feeling ill and being away from your comfort zone is just horrid. I can speak of this with recent and first-hand knowledge because we have been one sickly bunch of Murpheys since our adventure began.

It all started when we flew from Houston To Frankfurt, Germany. We had some time before the next leg of our journey, so we thought we’d seize the opportunity and explore Frankfurt. And, we had a wonderful time right up until the moment Ellie became nauseous and started vomiting. The next thing I knew, we were at the airport, and Ellie was so weak and feeling sick that we had to put her in a wheelchair. Please allow me to give you just a little bit of advice here. If you happen to find yourself in the Frankfurt Airport and you decide to ask a security guard for a plastic bag, prepare yourselves for what happens next. Medical personnel will swarm around you like bees to honey. I turned around to check on my daughter, and I saw some very official- looking gentleman swoop in and take Ellie’s vitals, scrutinize the situation and write up an incident report. After a few questions and ensuring that she was safe to travel, we were on our merry way. I have learned, though, that Germans take passenger health very seriously, which, of course, is an excellent thing. Now we know, but it was funny for a moment there when we didn’t!

Check out our YOU TUBE video showcasing these moments!

After Ellie passed her impromptu airport health check, we found this lovely airport lounge and decided to relax for a while. Then, out of the middle of nowhere, just as I thought we are out of the woods, Brett got sick. Just imagine, here we all are in this rather upscale lounge, some people are relaxing, and others are enjoying some fine dining. Ellie was still in her wheelchair and Brett started projectile vomiting. I began to do everything I could do to clean up the mess we had made, but in the process, I began to get sick myself. I tried to find help, but no one spoke English. It just got better and better.

Sick in a beautiful lounge in Germany

Finally, we composed ourselves and began what felt like a trek of 100 miles to get to our gate for departure. We managed to make it to the gate and THEN a shuttle bus that took us to the plane. All that time, I was thinking, “How in the world are we ever going to fly to France with me, Brett and Ellie sick.” As soon as I finished that thought, I heard someone get sick as we are on the bus, and I looked over to see that it’s Brett Aaron. He had commenced to vomiting on the bus. I wish I had documentation of this part. It was so bad it was laughable.

Luckily, a few very kind men helped us carry all our carry on luggage from the shuttle bus to the plane. They even helped us with our luggage after we arrived in France. The plane ride? Brett Aaron was sick the entire flight. I felt so sorry for the passengers who were seated even remotely close to us. I know we must have looked like the walking dead.

Baggage claim was interesting! Brett Aaron was continually puking while Brett and I frantically looked for our bags. Our 7 large green duffle bags did not make it. After Brett spoke to an agent for over 30 minutes, they appeared in the “oversized carousal” area. They were a beautiful sight!

We waited patiently for Brett and Corbin to get our rental car. Loading the car was insane but somehow we made it! What should have taken 20 minutes took nearly 2 hours and several trips from the baggage claim to the rental car. I’m so thankful that God watched over us and had mercy on us. It was not easy.

Brett drove us to the airbnb, dodging other cars and frantically trying to find the random location in the dark. Driving in France with traffic signs in French is dangerous and scary! Thankfully, Brett is great at navigating and found the apartment. It was a beautiful building and amazing location but we were all too sick and tired to even look up. I still don’t know how we walked up 2 flights of stairs at the airbnb. I was so sick and out of it. What a nightmare!! HA, maybe this is prepping us for things to come (sea sickness?!)

In my next blog, I’ll talk about our lovely introduction to seasickness, AND I’ve made a helpful list of useful products that I had AT HOME that would have helped so much with our stomach bug. I want to share that list with all of you just in case it could be some help to one of you and help you avoid some of what we endured!

When times are hard, I try to remember:

Love, Hugs & Good Health! The Murphey Family

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