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Last post, I had the pleasure of relaying the trials and tribulations of traveling while sick. This post, we are continuing the theme because it’s a topic worthy of two posts! Oh, the memories!

First, please allow me to share with you a little wisdom I’ve gathered over time. In those many moments when we were all sick beyond belief, I remembered the plethora of items I had at HOME or in my CHECKED luggage that could have made life so much easier. So, here is my “must-have” list to keep on hand for the stomach virus, 24-hour bug, non-stop seasickness, or whatever ailment becomes your uninvited travel companion. I’ve added the links in case you want to learn more about each product.

#1. Young Living Digize. This is an essential oil that does wonders for digestion, including stomach viruses. You can put a few drops under the tongue, add it to water or another beverage or rub it directly onto the abdomen. It stops nausea in a few minutes!

#2. XYMOGEN Probiotic or any other probiotic of your choice. XYOGEN happens to be my favorite. Probiotics are essential to keep the body balanced and the digestive tract running smoothly.

#3.The Original Care Vomit Bag. Oh, do I need to say more? What I would have given for these while at Frankfort airport and on the plane and the boat and… I think you get the picture.

#4 The Emesis Bag. Same as #3 but perhaps a little more travel-friendly.

#5. Activated Charcoal. These usually come in capsules and are great to have on hand for food poisoning, gas, bloating, and nausea.

#6. SeaBands. There are bracelets you wear around your wrist. They use acupressure to relive sea and motion sickness. Take it from the family that lives on a boat, seasickness is evil!

#7. Ginger chews or a ginger drink. Ginger is a tried and true method for treating stomach upset, nausea, bloating and gas. And it is rather yummy!

#8. Seaweed Detox Bath. This detox does wonders for the skin and who doesn’t feel better after a nice soak!

So, there you have my list, and I will pray that you never need to use it as much as we have in the past few weeks!

In closing, I want to add a bit of positivity to all this talk of sickness and struggle. Even the kindest souls can get grumpy when they aren’t feeling well, and that certainly happened with me as I was enduring awful bouts of seasickness. On top of that, we live in a much smaller space than we are accustomed to, and we feel like we are always on top of one another. That can press on nerves as well. Yet, amid all this sickness and adjusting to close quarters, as I felt my worse, my family came around me and cared for me. It was in those moments that I was reminded yet again how very blessed I am. I may suffer, but I don’t suffer alone. Ellie laid with me, put essential oils on me. She sang sweet songs and played with my hair. Brett Aaron made me ginger tea and prayed over me. He asked God to make his mother feel better. Is there anything more peaceful and beautiful than hearing your child pray? Corbin brought me blankets and snuggled close to me. He is such a sweet, loving little soul. And, even though I know I was a far cry from looking my best self, Brett would remind me often how beautiful I am. With a bit of time, their love, sweet devotion, and caring have healed me. For what more could I possibly ask?

Love and Hugs Always!

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